Pesto Pasta with Smoked Salmon



Pasta is everyone’s favorite … have you ever heard that someone does not like pasta?! I don’t know anyone.

I like pasta but I don’t eat it very often. I never order pasta in restaurants! I always think that they cannot make it better than I can  – how modest ?! 😉 Exception is of course if I am in Italy and I know that it is homemade pasta. Even I cannot resist that! The major reason why I don’t like restaurants’ pasta is that they do not bother to make a nice sauce, they mostly pour in heavy double cream, few spices and that’s it! Pasta sauces, real Italian ones(!) are much more than just greasy white liquid to coat the pasta.

I tried to make pasta myself few times and it tasted great! If I would have the machine for it I believe I would make it more often. Maybe I’ll consider getting one soon.

I am a big fan of pesto, all kinds of pesto! I make it with any aromatic herb that comes to my hands. Pesto with basil is my favorite but I also love mint, ramson, rocket, sage …. Sometimes I put pine nuts but very often I substitute them with roasted almonds or cashews, even with hazelnuts. I think that combination of rocket and hazelnuts is great! Apart from Parmigiano, ricotta fresh cheese is also excellent for creamy pesto … Try it with hard goat cheese as well; it’s delicious if you like extra savory taste.

Here is simple and fast recipe for pesto pasta with smoked salmon. Whenever I come dead tired from work and have to prepare something blink fast, this is what I usually go for.


For pesto:

2 hands full of washed basil

Few ramson leaves if available (if not you may ½ of small garlic clove, pressed)

White goat cheese

Roasted almond slices

Olive oil

Few drops of lemon juice

A pinch of salt if cheese is not too spiced

A pinch of freshly ground mixed pepper


Smoked salmon


 IMG_2967     IMG_3797     IMG_2956

Combine all ingredients for pesto with hand blender. When the mixture becomes creamy, it is ready. Try the taste. Adjust if necessary with condiments: salt and pepper.

IMG_2969   IMG_2972     IMG_2973

Use any pasta shape you want. I had rice spaghetti. Cook pasta as indicated on the packaging. When ready drain and preserve 2 tbsp of cooking water. Add pesto and toss well so that pasta is well coated with the sauce.

Cut smoked salmon in stripes and add to pasta.



Tomatoes are obligatory for me with pesto pasta! I consider this combination to be a superb one, so I always accompany this dish with tomato salad.

One of my favorite wine was opened while I was cooking 😉 …. so I just continued enjoying Merlot from Penedès Torres.

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